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If you are a new member of the workforce and are interested in using your expertise for your next challenge or finding out about career opportunities, we invite you to explore this job opportunity. Join our team and bring your unique talent to a Fortune 100 company and get a dynamic role that is just warm and groundbreaking, without cold calls, because we believe in supporting success, not stopping it. The benefits start on day one with unlimited earning opportunities, unlimited travel and the opportunity to purchase a license in all 50 states. Realize your full potential as a full-time employee at the Dallas - Fort Worth Metro Station and join the team.

When a lead is on the line, you pick up the phone and use your sales expertise to turn a prospective customer into a happy and confident Liberty customer. Whether you work in the office or at home, you adapt well and enjoy connecting customers with the right product for their individual needs. You believe in what you sell and have become a representative of the Liberty brand.

They advise customers on their insurance needs and coordinate the right insurance benefits, products and services to turn leads into customers. You align customers with the right insurance policies and advise them on all insurance requirements before you convert a lead into a customer.

If you did not apply to update your account for a Dallas County job advertisement, please create a new account. All men between 18 and 26 years of age seeking work in the county must check their immigration status before seeking employment. U.S. citizenship and immigration authorities require a background check of all applicants for any new employee who needs to prove employment eligibility. The background checks are carried out on applicants and may include background checks based on the type of job to be applied for.

You can expect to start your flight schedule once you have completed onboarding and work at least 9 months before you consider a shift.

A weekend day (Saturday or Sunday) is required and your schedule will be followed for the rest of the week (Monday - Friday, Saturday - Sunday, Sunday).

As an in-house sales representative, you will handle all incoming calls made by the company's sales team, as well as customer service and customer support. You will be strengthened and sharpened and compensated by joining Liberty Mutual Insurance. Candidates who have immediate family members who work in the county have no right to work for the same department as family members. The EEO Directives cover discrimination, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, colour, religion, national origin, disability, age, gender, marital status and decisions relating to employment, housing, employment status and / or disability.