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The Southern Methodist (SMU) Mustangs have 16 events left in their season and have a chance for their first title since 2011. The 2-4 SMU Mustang is coming off a 3-1 win over Houston on Saturday that erased a two-point first-round deficit in the Texas A & M - Texas State Conference Tournament. Houston defeated the Mustangs 4-2 in a team meeting in Houston, Texas.

SMU in the early 1980s proved capable of going toe-to-toe with companies like Texas, Texas A & M and Texas Tech and even UCLA. While SMU struggled through its darkest decade, the 1981 Rose Bowl and 1983 national championship proved it can hold its own against the best teams in college football.

In American honor, Doak Walker won the Heisman Trophy for the second time in his career and became the first Mustang in school history. At SMU, LeVias made both the athletic and academic All-America teams and contributed to the school's first NCAA division. I - A football team in 1966. In 1983 and 1984, he was named the first team in the Southwest Conference and became one of only three players in the program's history to win the award. Gene Bedford and back - until Logan Stollenwerck entered the top 10 in the nation's all-time rankings for rushing, receiving, passing and tackles.

The Mustangs had a turnaround season in 2014 that featured an improved regular-season record of 9-3 (5-2 in the Southwest Conference) and a 10-1 mark in the Conference Play. SMU has gone 20 years without a win and hasn't returned to the postseason since its first bowl appearance in 1996.

The SMU Mustangs improved to 9-1 and recovered from their first loss in 2019. The poll ranked the Mustangs in the top 10 of the nation's top 10 college football playoff rankings for the first time in over a decade, according to ESPN.

The SMU Mustangs men's basketball team is also in line to receive some impressive awards, including the school's first NCAA tournament appearance in program history and the first NCAA championship in school history. Since the Mustangs were founded in 1911, their rich sporting history has included some of the most successful and accomplished teams in college football history, as well as the nation's best men's and women's football teams. In the 1990s, after Meyer retired as head coach at his alma mater, the University of Texas at Austin, Bobby Collins took over and led SMU to its unbeaten season in 1991. The Mustang's would never reach dizzying heights again, but in 1992 they reached a perfect 9-0 record and won their first national championship since the 1930s and first in more than a decade.

After SMU robbed the Mustangs of a bowl spot, Fry was fired after the 1992 season, along with the rest of the coaching staff.

It took the Mustang football program nearly a decade to recover from the fallout of the scandal, as the team did not return to a bowl game until 2009. The Mustangs have taken most of the program's history and the longest time since its inception in 1992 to recover from all the fallout from their involvement in the bribery and corruption scandal. It took the Mustangs nearly a half-century to recover from that, and the teams did not return to their games until 2008 and 2010.

The Mustangs have played several bowling matches, starting with the Dixie classic in 1924 and ending with the youngest Boca in 2019. The 1935 SMU Mustang was selected as a national champion by the Dickinson System in its first year of operation.

As the program struggles to stay alive, the Dallas Cowboys, which long ago attracted crowds smaller than SMU's games, have become the most valuable sports franchise in the world. By tying the programs to Dallas, SMu is also a destination for Power Five transfers originally recruited from the Metroplex.

A random Dallas resident may have grown up in Texas, gone to school at Texas A & M, moved to the city from Oklahoma, Louisiana, California, or elsewhere, or attended a school in another city, but he or she may be rooted in Texas. SMU coach Sonny Dykes understands the situation: "There's a secondary rivalry between SM U and TCU, and it's a historical one based on the fact that we're in a city like Dallas and Rice is a few miles away in Houston, about 30 minutes from Dallas. North Texas generally views SMu as its biggest rival, and their rivalries go beyond the region's academic sports to recruit DFW-area students, as they are two of the top 10 schools in the country in terms of student achievement - athletes in college football.

Dickerson had already signed with Texas A & M, but Buchele saw his career path in Dallas as a student at SMU - as an athlete, not just a football player. Dickerson was given a Pontiac Trans - Am, which was referred to by SM U supporters around the same time as "Trans - A - M." That theory was rekindled after he spent the 2017 season at the University of Texas at El Paso, one of the nation's top high schools.

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