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MOTOR Texas has spent a lot of time curating a collection of gears and transportation enthusiasts who would enjoy the new Black History Museum at the Dallas Museum of Art. The museum in Dallas Fair Park pays homage to the rich heritage of black art and history and has a research library. Located in the heart of the historic Fair Park neighborhood, north of downtown Dallas, the museum opened in 2010 in a former warehouse on the corner of South Main Street and North Dallas Avenue.

The museum shows the veterans of the Texas Revolution, which began in the late 19th and early 20th centuries during the American Revolutionary War. It is best to search the museum directly for opening hours and other information, but we try to keep the information up to date. Other museums - see museums such as the Dallas Museum of Natural History, Gabriel Crows Museum and Austin Art Museum. This list contains links to other museums in Dallas as well as a list of other Texas museums.

This list only includes Dallas - Fort Worth, but if your favorite museum is somewhere in between, let us know on Twitter. If you are interested in culture, visit the International Museum of Cultures for more information. The famous Sixth Floor Museum is recommended if you're spending money on a single experience in Dallas.

The museum is located on the third floor of the Perot Building and offers views of the Dallas - Fort Worth Convention Center and the Texas Museum of Natural History. Meanwhile, the Historic West End District, home to many of Dallas "most famous historic buildings and museums, is just a few blocks from the Perot Museum.

Notable attractions in the area include the Texas Museum of Natural History, Dallas - Fort Worth Convention Center and the Perot Museum. Visitors can also experience the award-winning theater night at the University of Texas at the Dallas Performing Arts Center. Don't miss the performing arts district, which includes the historic West End district and the city centre. Stations include Texas A & M University, Texas State University and Texas Tech University.

Located on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, the Meadows Museum is a must-visit destination for visitors to the Dallas - Fort Worth area. The meadows are often overlooked, but within the SMU campus is one of Dallas's must-see destinations, the Texas Museum of Natural History and the Perot Museum.

Founded in 1984 by survivors, the Dallas Holocaust Museum teaches about the horrors of the past to ensure they don't happen again in the future. There are as many ways to explore oneself as there are ways to create a sense of connection with the Holocaust and its impact on world history. The Nasher Sculpture Center participates in events and festivities in the Dallas Arts District. Crow is one of Dallas' most popular arts and cultural institutions and a favorite destination for many Dallas-Fort Worth residents.

If you are a tourist looking for an amazing local attraction, Dallas has one or two museums, and your trip to Dallas will likely include more museum stops. If you've ever been to a museum, it's at the Old Red Museum, which displays fossils from Dallas prehistory. The Oak Cliff Museum of Natural History and Dallas Art Museum offer locals and tourists a unique insight into the history of Dallas and its people. You won't forget to explore some of the classics, such as the Texas A & M Museum, Texas State University or the University of Texas at Dallas.

The Dallas Museum of Art (DMA), founded in 1903, is one of the 10 largest art museums in the country and is located on the Dallas - Fort Worth International Airport campus in downtown Dallas. It is characterized by its pioneering educational programs and its collection of more than 100,000 works of art. The African American Museum in Dallas in the southwest of the country houses over 1,500 exhibits from the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, including works by artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Cartier - Bresson, Michelangelo, Matisse, Duchamp, Gauguin, Monet and others.

Fort Worth - Dallas is home to the Dallas Museum of Art, which is now considered one of the most important cultural centers in the United States. There are many museums in Dallas, and we have only just scratched the list, but the city, known for its arts and crafts museums, is also a unique museum that highlights the history of art, culture, art history and art education in Texas. These arts and crafts museums are part of other Dallas museums that cover a range of topics, including architecture, architecture and design, history, art, literature, music, dance, theater, theater, film, food, fashion, and more.

Dallas is the host of the Dallas International Film Festival, one of the largest international film festivals in the United States. World cultures range from art, literature, music, dance, theatre, theatre, film, food, fashion and more to art and crafts.

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